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The right drainage, built with longevity and durability in mind, can make all of the difference. We have drainage for the home, businesses or for roads and pavements.


Thermal Floor

A specialist UHML technical expert will be on hand for a morning in each of our 11 branches, from 7:30am until 1. They will provide product samples such as pipes, manifolds, Floor systems - and more. They will also bring along brochures and be ready to answer any questions for all interested customers.

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Rainford Band

A championship section brass band that competes at the highest level across the UK, Rainford Band is based in the village of Rainford, close to St Helens, in the heart of Beesley & Fildes’ network of 11 builder’s merchants branches. John Beesley attended one of the band’s concerts in Rainford and was so impressed with the performance that when he heard the musicians were looking for sponsorship, he stepped forward to offer the company’s help.


Warrington Wolves Girls

Beesley & Fildes is sponsoring Warrington Wolves Girls and other local sports teams across our branch network because we want to make a serious contribution to the health and wellbeing of our customers, supporting community sport to drive a significant return and loyalty that advertising alone can never match.


Everbuild Trade Roadshow

Beesley and Fildes are hosting a roadshow for Everbuild landscaping products. Get to know our reps and technicians and have all your questions answered. Featuring new products and live demos this is one opportunity that cannot be missed.


5 Types of Plywood & Their Uses

Learn about the different types of plywood and their uses to help you make the right decisions for your next building project.

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Marley Roof Tiles - Dry Verge FAQs

Dry verges are the part of the roof system that has come under the greatest scrutiny over recent years. The verge is probably the most vulnerable part of the roof, due to its exposure to wind and water penetration and the ban on mortar bedding, without additional mechanical fixing, led to a huge increase in the amount of dry verge systems on the market.


Roof System - Guest Blog by Marley

With a greater focus on future liability, more frequent episodes of volatile weather and stronger British Standards safeguarding compliance, there are real benefits for specifiers by choosing full pitched roof systems from a single manufacturer. Doing so can deliver advantages including product compatibility, system guarantees and access to immediate help if any performance issues arise.

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Killelea House provides a range of services to older people in the Bury area. These include Intermediate Care, the aim of which is to promote recovery, independence and daily living skills for people who may then be able to return to live at home following an illness or accident.

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MWT Civil Engineering - Charity Bike Ride

Congratulations to the team at MWT Civil Engineering who completed their epic challenge, enabling them to raise vital funds to support disadvantaged local children. Beesley & Fildes were happy to support such a worthwhile cause.


Standard Door Sizes

Here at Beesley and Fildes, we are here to help you with your sizing and want to give you as much guidance as possible to ensure you are getting the most appropriate door for your needs. There are many different doors sizes throughout the UK but most homes and properties will usually correspond with standard door sizes, most of our standard doors whether it is internal or external are stock items, therefore it is a quick turnaround time.


How to Lay Porcelain Paving

How to Lay Porcelain Paving - Want to give your garden the wow-factor? If you’re keen to impress nosy neighbours just as much as visiting guests, a practical and attractive porcelain paving patio could be just what you need.


How To Lay Paving Slabs For Your Patio

Laying paving slabs by yourself is easy, isn’t it? You just dig a little, buy a bit of mortar and stick down your paving slabs. That’s all there is to it, right? If only it were that simple. In reality, you need to painstakingly prepare your sub-base, mix your mortar with the right materials and work with very precise paver placements – all to ensure your patio lasts a lifetime. But don’t worry, that’s where Simply Paving come in. In our handy how-to guide, we walk you through the process of patio installation so you can shave off a few ££s on a professional’s help. Let’s get started.


How To Cut Paving Slabs

From breaking slabs in half to carving curved garden paths, you might believe that cutting paving slabs is a skill reserved for industry experts. Yet, with the right tools and a little practice, you too can re-shape your paving stones to your landscaping needs. You can even get the job done with a trusty hammer and chisel set and, of course, the right safety gear (i.e. quality work gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask). To grant you the know-how you need, we have broken down three different cutting techniques. Read on to find out how to cut paving slabs like a pro.


A Guide to Block Paving Patterns

Block paving patterns involve more than just laying brindle stones in traditional straight lines. Today, everything from eye-catching random stretcher bond to formal herringbone is used to transform dull driveways and uninspired patios into durable, fail-safe paving masterpieces.


How To Clean A Patio

After months of wind, frost, and torrential downpours, it’s fair to say your patio slabs have been through a lot since last summer. And now, with spring giving new life to your al fresco area, the grime is really starting to show. But don’t worry, Simply Paving can help with that; even if your patio has a sheen of green or you can spot signs of mould, it doesn’t take much to get your patio back to its best.