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At Robeslee, quality is built on investment – in technology and people. Technology, such as computer-controlled batching ensuring mixture and consistency remain the same. Batch after batch after batch. Allied to experience and the craft skills that come from it, with an unerring commitment to customer service – these are the foundations of Robeslee Concrete. Their facility has developed over the decades, many aspects being built to our own specification and design, so that they meet and exceed the expectations of the marketplace to create the best choice, the highest quality AND the most competitive cost.

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Types C, D, E, F, K9, G8, U2 are designed to withstand direct imposed loads. Rafters, wall plates and floor joists may be accommodated as directly imposed loads.

BEARING: Minimum of 150mm each side or as directed by the structural engineer.
PROPPING: Propping is not required with this type of lintel.
BRICKWORK: Non-composite lintels do not require brickwork bonded to them. Point loads from girders, trusses, steel beams ect. require to be referred to our Customer Advisory Service.
POSITIONING: Lintels must be placed with wire in correct position. Lintels are marked top.
ORDERING: All sizes listed are normal stock sizes.

All lintels are designed in accordance with –
BS 5977: Part 1: 1981, BS EN 845-2: 2103, BS 8110: Part 1: 1985, BS 8110: Part 2: 1985.