Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

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Concrete is, by nature, a brittle material that performs well in compression, but is considerably less effective when in tension. Reinforcement in concrete is used to absorb these tensile forces so that the cracking which is inevitable in all high-strength concretes does not weaken the structure. For many years, steel in the form of bars or mesh (also known as "re-bar") has been used as a reinforcement for concrete slabs that are designed to experience some form of loading, whether that loading would be carrying traffic, spanning a void or bearing another structure such as a wall. In many slabs, steel mesh has also been used as a crude (and often ineffective) method of crack control. 

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What is concrete reinforcement mesh? 

Concrete reinforcement mesh is a vital component in the construction industry, primarily used to enhance the tensile strength of concrete structures. 

Our rebar mesh will help the material resist load-bending tensile force, strengthening poured concrete slabs, floors or wall sections. As an inherently brittle substance, concrete is exceptionally proficient under compression but significantly less effective under tension.

To counteract this, Beesley & Fildes supply top-quality reinforcement mesh to absorb the tensile forces, ensuring that the cracking in high-strength concretes does not compromise structural integrity.

Rebar mesh has been the standard reinforcement material for concrete slabs for several years. Manufactured using steel mesh, rebar can also be used as a simple method of crack prevention. 

What are the benefits of reinforcement mesh?

1. Increased construction speed

Reinforcement mesh is easier to handle and can be placed quicker than individual bars. By reducing the time needed to lay out the reinforcement, you can accelerate the construction timeline. 

2. Improved quality of reinforcement engineering

Rebar mesh ensures structures are robust and resilient. It provides uniform load distribution, prevents stress concentrations and subsequent cracking in concrete structures.

3. Reduced labour costs

As our concrete reinforcement mesh is pre-fabricated, it reduces the amount of manual labour required to cut and tie the bars on the construction site. This both saves time and reduces the installation labour costs.

4. Enhanced crack resistance

One of the main purposes of rebar mesh is to absorb the tensile forces in concrete structures. It controls cracks and manages the stress induced by external loads, like temperature variations and shrinkage. 

What are the different types of reinforcement mesh? 

At Beesley & Fildes, we offer a range of reinforcement mesh solutions for strengthening flat concrete components. 

A393 Mesh

This heavy-duty mesh is commonly used in constructions bearing significant loads, such as foundations, retaining walls, and heavy-duty flooring. 

A142 Mesh

A142 concrete reinforcement mesh is a light-duty material mostly utilised for domestic concreting. A142 rebar mesh can reinforce garages, pathways, and home driveways with light traffic and smaller vehicles. 

A252 Mesh

A252 reinforcement mesh is similar to A393 because it’s more suited to heavy-duty trade and domestic concreting. 

A193 Mesh

A193 can be used in both light and heavy-duty construction projects. However, two layers must be used for adequate reinforcement.