Cromar ProGRP Roofing Products

ProGRP is a new advanced liquid applied GRP – Glass Reinforced Polyester- flat roof system. It has been specifically engineered for flat roof applications in the UK market. It is a fully integrated seamless system where all the components are designed to work together to ensure that you can take full advantage of this rapidly expanding market. ProGRP can be used on virtually all types of flat roofs up to and including vertical surfaces for example the cheeks of a dormer or the inside face of a mansard or parapet roof.
Cromar have extensive experience using GRP to solve the problems often associated with failed leaking bitumen felt roofs and we are here to help you.

Cromar Resin Pro GRP 10kg £42.28 ex. VAT each
Cromar Resin Pro GRP 20kg £64.82 ex. VAT each
Cromar Topcoat Pro GRP 10kg £58.12 ex. VAT each
Cromar Topcoat Pro GRP 20kg £98.14 ex. VAT each
Cromar Laminating Brush 2" £0.81 ex. VAT each
Cromar Laminating Brush 3" £1.23 ex. VAT each
Cromar Laminating Brush 4" £1.62 ex. VAT each
Cromar Slate Granules 25kg £13.11 ex. VAT each
Cromar Hardener Pro GRP 1 Kilo £8.80 ex. VAT each
Cromar Hardener Pro GRP 5 Kilo £29.76 ex. VAT each
Cromar Dispenser Bottle 80ml £10.49 ex. VAT each
Cromar Acetone 5 Litres £15.75 ex. VAT each
Cromar Acetone Pro GRP 25 Litres £48.72 ex. VAT each
Cromar Roller Refill 3" £0.89 ex. VAT each
Cromar Roller Refill 7" £1.62 ex. VAT each
Cromar Roller Refill 9" £2.21 ex. VAT each
Cromar Starter Pack Brown £1.26 ex. VAT each
Cromar Starter Pack Terracotta £1.26 ex. VAT each
Cromar Red Dye 1ltr £4.98 ex. VAT each

For any enquiries contact Huyton Roofing Centre alternatively contact your local branch and speak to our team who will be happy to give you a free quotation and specialist advice.

In order to validate the 25 year Manufactures guarantee Cromar offer full training for you and your staff at any Beesley & Fildes depot. Ask our sales staff for more details and cost. A ProGRP roof is a wet laid, single ply GRP laminate made up of two layers of catalysed resin sandwiching a layer of chopped strand glass fibre mat (450/600gsm). It is applied to a new OSB T&G3 board. Profiled GRP edge trims are applied to the roof edges and abutments and the roof is finished with a coat of catalysed pigmented top coat.


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