Knauf Insulation Rolls

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Knauf Insulation is an industry stand-out, recognised for its comprehensive range of insulation solutions

Made from over 80% recycled materials, the company uses glass mineral wool to create insulation that defends against heat loss, loud sounds and even provides passive heat protection. 

Knauf loft insulation is manufactured using soda ash, sand and limestone melted in a furnace: this process produces glass mineral wool, a naturally lightweight and high-performance material. 

To create knauf loft insulation, the glass mineral wool is bound with a bio-based binder for an end product in rolls or slab form. For sale at Beesley & Fildes, we have knauf insulation available in rolls between 100mm and 200mm. 

Buy online for superior acoustic performance: Knauf acoustic insulation creates comfortable environments for building occupants in UK offices, homes or schools. 

It’s designed to regulate indoor temperatures by slowing heat transfer and can act as a non-combustible barrier to prevent fire development.

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Knauf Insulation FAQs

How do you install Knauf loft insulation?

Installing Knauf loft insulation is a straightforward process that enhances energy efficiency in your home. 

Start by ensuring you have the necessary safety gear, including gloves and a mask. Unroll the Knauf insulation material between the joists, ensuring a snug fit without compressing the material. Lay additional layers perpendicular to the first layer for optimal coverage. Use a utility knife to trim insulation to fit around obstacles like wiring or pipes. 

Remember to maintain proper ventilation in your loft space and use 100mm and 200mm rolls for maximum efficiency. Always refer to the specific installation guidelines provided by Knauf for detailed instructions tailored to your insulation type.

Can you put too much insulation in loft?

Yes, it is possible to put too much Knauf insulation in the loft, and it's important to strike a balance. While adding insulation enhances energy efficiency, excessive insulation can lead to issues. 

Over-insulating may cause inadequate ventilation, potentially resulting in moisture problems and reduced air circulation. It's crucial to follow recommended insulation guidelines and consider the specific insulation type. 

If you are unsure, please consult with us or refer to the Knauf loft installation guidelines to ensure you achieve the optimal insulation level for energy efficiency without compromising ventilation and creating unintended issues in your intended loft space.

Is Knauf Insulation good for soundproofing?

Yes, Knauf insulation is effective for soundproofing in addition to its thermal insulation properties. The dense and fibrous nature of Knauf acoustic insulation materials helps absorb sound waves, reducing airborne noise transmission between rooms. This makes it a suitable choice for improving acoustics in homes and commercial spaces. 

For optimal soundproofing performance, it's essential to install the Knauf acoustic insulation correctly, considering factors such as the thickness of the material and ensuring complete coverage. Always refer to Knauf's specific guidelines for soundproofing applications and consult with us if you have specific acoustic requirements for your space.

What is the cheapest way to insulate a loft?

The most cost-effective way to insulate a loft is often through the use of blanket insulation rolls. These rolls, typically made of mineral wool or fiberglass, offer a budget-friendly solution and are purchased as 100mm and 200mm rolls

To keep costs low, simply install the insulation between the joists, ensuring a snug fit without compression. Additionally, draft-proofing measures, such as sealing gaps and using insulation boards for the loft hatch, can enhance efficiency without significant costs. 

While cost is a crucial factor, it's essential to balance affordability with Knauf insulation effectiveness to achieve a practical and energy-efficient solution for your loft space.

Can loft insulation cause damp?

Knauf loft insulation, when installed correctly, should not cause damp issues. However, improper installation or using the wrong type of insulation in specific circumstances can lead to problems. 

Insulation should not block ventilation routes or trap moisture. It's crucial to maintain proper loft ventilation to prevent condensation, which could potentially lead to dampness. Regularly check for any signs of water ingress and ensure the insulation allows for adequate airflow. 

Following our guidelines, using proper ventilation measures, and addressing any issues promptly can help prevent the possibility of dampness associated with loft insulation. If in doubt, consult with a professional.