Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes

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At Beesley and Fildes, our time and effort go into producing high-quality building materials for a wide range of professional projects of all scales.

Shingles and shakes are used in building construction, particularly for roofing and siding. Shingles are thin, tapered pieces of building material, traditionally made of wood for stability and durability. However, they also come in asphalt, slate, and composite materials.

These provide the structure with protection against harsh weather conditions and are laid in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a building. Shakes are also commonly used in buildings; however, the choice between each design comes down to aesthetic preferences and budget constraints. 

Shakes are designed to be thicker and less uniform. These provide the same protective purpose as shingles, yet they have a more textured, rugged look, perfect for adding depth and character to a building.

Due to their natural, traditional look, shakes are often used for buildings inspired by older styles, as they are found in the construction of many historic buildings. 

Our range of shingles and shakes is ideal for home renovations and projects, providing structural integrity and elegance. Whether you’re a professional builder or you’re working on a small project, our products are designed to elevate and deliver.

Browse our range below or contact us for professional advice and product information. 

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