Brick Matching Service

Beesley & Fildes believes that brickwork is essential to your building project. Although bricks account for a small percentage of your overall budget, they can make extensions or alterations blend seamlessly with your home’s original design. 

But what if you own an old home? How can you achieve the right look by searching for redundant brickwork? In the UK, products come in many different textures, colours and sizes, so brick matching without professional advice can become challenging. 

Luckily, the Beesley & Fildes team are waiting to help you. Our highly personalised brick-matching service can help DIYers, architects, contractors and developers find the most suitable bricks for their projects. 

Brick Matching Online

Reduce your hassle with our free, no-obligation brick matching service. Our extensive range of Engineering and Facing bricks come in several shapes, colours and sizes, so you can rest assured that we’ll have the perfect product. 

That’s because our brick-matching experts will provide you with premium building materials from over 20 leading manufacturers. To begin your inquiry, you’ll need to send the Beesley & Fildes team good-quality photos of your existing bricks. 

We’ll require a close-up shot of one brick and an image of the building or wall (containing approximately 20 bricks) to achieve the best result. Once you’ve completed this step, we’ll take care of the rest with our unrivalled brick matcher service.

Complete our online form or get in touch via email at The Beesley & Fildes brick colour-matching specialists will match your brick to its original product, or if this is no longer available, provide you with the closest available alternative.

Brick Colour Matching

We know how important it is to achieve a cohesive look. Adding extensions or alterations to your home can be expensive and time-consuming, so you want a result worth your investment. 

That’s where we come in! Don’t settle for less than the best by completing your brick matching online. We’re here to quickly help you identify old bricks and provide you with trade pricing on the perfect matching brick type. 

Not only do we have an extensive stock of building materials, but we also operate eleven branches in the North West region. So if your perfect product is out of stock in your local store, we can communicate with other Beesley & Fildes branches to fix the problem. 

What’s more, you will know if our brick colour matching services have been successful before you even checkout. To ensure we’ve found the ideal brick texture and colour, our team will send samples of the product straight to your door. 

What’s not to love? Take all the hassle out of brick colour matching with our efficient ordering and facility service. 

Liverpool’s Best Brick Matching Service

Beesley & Fildes can handle any order, whether you need 10 or 10,000 bricks. 

We provide high-quality building materials to customers all around the UK with our reliable delivery service, so what’s to stop you from completing your build the right way? 

Contact our customer service specialists, and you’ll be in touch with the most knowledgeable, experienced team in the construction industry. We always go the extra mile, putting our skills to the test to get you the aesthetic, budgetary and structural requirements your project deserves. 

Our free brick matching service is available to both trade and private customers. So when you’re ready to start, Beesley & Fildes will be waiting to deal with your inquiry. As a customer-driven independent builder’s merchant, we want to use our expertise to improve and advise your product choices.

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