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Beesley & Fildes plasters offer a comprehensive choice of undercoats and finishes for every application. From traditional hand-applied two-coat work to re-plastering after DPC installation, machine-applied projection, and Gyproc plasterboard finishing.

Plaster is designed to protect the surface of walls and ceilings, often offering a decorative touch for an appealing look. When mixed with water, plaster becomes a stiff paste that hardens whilst remaining easy to work with, liberating heat through crystallisation.

Our plaster bags can be mixed easily and used for various applications and purposes, making it a versatile and durable product. Although it is often used for construction work, plaster is also used in areas such as dentistry, medicine, and orthopaedic casts. 

Our bags of plaster offer a smooth finish for your walls, ideal for sanding and moulding. Thistlepro is 60% more efficient than standard skim. With options such as Thistle bonding coat, Thistle board finishing, and Dri-wall adhesive, we have everything you need for a job well done. 

We also offer plaster retarder products designed to be placed over finishing plasters to slow the curing process. Whether you’re a professional or you’re just starting out, anyone will find ease with using these products.

Plastering doesn’t have to be a hard or expensive process. Our products are sold at a low cost, providing more customers with high-quality products, no matter your budget. Don’t miss out on a great deal!

Browse our products today to find the perfect option for you. If you require further information, contact our team today for expert advice.

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