Clay Chimney Pots

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Humans have used clay chimney pots for thousands of years, and Beesley & Fildes are honoured to house products from industry-leading clayware brands. Add personality to your traditional or contemporary property with our range of round tapered chimneys. Beautiful and functional in equal measure, these chimney pots will terminate your flue liner above roof level and prevent excess draft. 

Increasing the chimney's height helps create better airflow, promoting efficient combustion and reducing the risk of smoke and fumes entering the house. Our clay chimney pots also act as a barrier against rainwater, birds, and debris, protecting the flue from potential damage and blockages. 

Manufacturing advancements mean you can purchase chimney pots in countless designs. From roll tops to decorative hooded inserts, clay chimney pots are architectural and functional in equal measure.  Your clay chimney pot will withstand corrosive fumes and high temperatures while maintaining its ornate design.  

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