4x2 Timber

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Searching for premium building materials for your next construction project? Look no further than our 4x2 timber range. Timber is well-known for its versatility and durability, making it common in decorative, structural, and joinery builds. 

Also known as 50mm x 100mm timber, our rough-sawn, ease-edged and kiln-dried range will consistently deliver impressive results. Create framing and flooring with long-lasting structural integrity, or construct water-resistant garden decking with our 4x2 treated timber planks. 

Go the extra mile and invest in our sustainably-sourced timber, perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. Depending on the finish you want, you can choose from C16 and C24-graded products. Our C16 planks are a more cost-effective option for projects on a budget, and our C24 planks offer a more uniform look with resilient results. 

Buyers for national developers will love the low-cost pricing of our 4x2 timber, available in multiple lengths and finishes. DIY enthusiasts will find our materials easy to join, shape or cut. Together, we can elevate the quality of your project. 

You can get your products ASAP with our hassle-free local and national delivery service. So why wait? Choose Beesley & Fildes for unbeatable 4x2 timber today.

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At Beesley & Fildes, we understand the importance of using quality materials for construction and DIY projects, which is why we offer only the finest 4x2 timber.

Made from premium-grade wood, our 4x2 treated timber is strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. It’s ideal for use in a variety of projects such as framing, decking joists, and flooring, and has been built to stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.

We offer a wide range of 4x2 timber sizes to fit your needs, including CLS, Tanalised, Rough Sawn and Treated C16 and C24 4x2 wood. We pride ourselves on the versatility of our wood, so whether you’re a professional or an avid beginner, we know you’ll find the right 4x2 for your needs. 


What is 4x2 timber in mm?

Although 4x2 timber is most commonly noted in inches, when converted to mm it’s usually noted as 50mm x 100mm.

What lengths does 4x2 timber come in?

At Beesley & Fildes, we supply great quality 47mmx100mm in a wide range of sizes. Check each product individually to see if we stock your preferred size. 

What is 4x2 timber used for?

4x2 timber is perfect for a variety of both indoor and outdoor projects, including shed construction DIY decking. 

What types of wood are used for 4x2 timber?

4x2 timber can be made from a variety of wood species, including pine, spruce, fir, and hemlock.

How do I know what grade of 4x2 timber to choose?

The grade of 4x2 timber you need will depend on the specific application. Higher-grade lumber will generally have fewer knots and defects and be more suitable for highly visible applications such as decking.

How should I store 4x2 timber?

4x2 timber should be stored in a dry, covered area with proper ventilation to prevent warping or rotting.

How do I cut 4x2 wood?

 4x2 timber can be cut using a saw or power tools like a circular saw or table saw.

Can I paint or stain 4x2 timber?

Yes, 4x2 timber can be painted or stained to match the desired finish or colour. However, it is recommended to prime the timber before painting to ensure good adhesion.

How do I calculate the amount of 4x2 timber I need for a project?

The amount of 4x2 timber you need will depend on the specific project. You can calculate the amount needed by measuring the length and height of the area you are building.

What is 4x2 CLS?

CLS is an acronym for 'Canadian Lumber Standard'. Originating in Canada, it’s typically used for building a strong timber-framed house.