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Are you looking to upgrade your garden? Artificial grass is the perfect solution for you. 

If you are fed up with mowing your lawn, only for it to grow back weeks later, then artificial grass is ideal for you. Once it has been laid down, you do not need to worry about trimming or maintaining it. You will not be able to tell the difference between real and plastic grass. It looks great all year round - it does not dry out in the summer months and it does not waterlog in the winter months. It looks perfect, sleek and neat no matter what the weather is. 

Plastic grass for your garden is extremely durable, and you will get many years' worth of wear out of it. It is an investment that you will not look back on. The grass that we sell starts at £39.80 and goes up to £69.00 per 4 metres. Think of all the money you will save on maintenance, garden tools and grass feed… 

Another great thing about Beesley and Fildes’s fake grass for the garden is that it is ideal for households with children. The grass is safe and can withstand all children’s fun and games, including all play equipment. Also, the grass is easy to clean, so if you have pets you need not worry about their mess ruining your lawn. 

If you have any questions or you need advice on which type of artificial grass to go with for your garden, then please get in touch with us. We are happy to help all of our customers!

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