Profiling Service

Experience the precision of a state-of-the-art machine that produces a flawless finish, providing a unique opportunity to elevate your landscaping project.

Welcome to Beesley & Fildes Profiling Service – where we enable you to elevate your landscaping project to new heights! With our comprehensive range of profiling options, we provide customers with the service they need to create a truly exceptional outdoor space. From bullnosing and mitre cuts to drip grooves, anti-slip grooves, and precise porcelain cutting, we offer a myriad of bespoke options that will bring your design vision to life.

A state of the art machine giving a factory finish

A unique service to enhance you landscaping project.

In-House Service exclusive to Beesleys customers

Bespoke Profiling Options

20mm Paving Straight Cut
£10.00 + VAT Per Linear Meter
20mm Full Bullnose
£30.00 + VAT Per Linear Meter
20mm 45° Degree Mitre
£30.00 + VAT Per Linear Meter
Anti-Slip Groove
£20.00 + VAT Per Linear Meter

Porcelain Cutting

Our in-house team can accurately cut porcelain tiles and paving to your requirements.

20mm Full Bullnose

With smooth rounded edges, full bullnosing offers a safer and more comfortable surface and adds a touch of sophistication to any project. Full bullnose is ideal for creating steps, copings and swimming pool surrounds.

20mm 45° Degree Mitre

The 45-degree mitre is commonly used to achieve sharp edges and seamless joins. You can also use two mitred edges to create steps and corners.

Drip Groove

The drip groove is a practical addition to porcelain surfaces, designed to channel water away, making it ideal for outdoor areas prone to moisture and rainfall.

Anti-Slip Groove

The anti-slip groove is a safety-focused feature integrated into porcelain surfaces, providing enhanced traction and stability. It is an excellent choice for areas where slip resistance is essential, such as steps or swimming pools.

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Contact our team with any porcelain cutting or profiling requirements.
Bespoke Porcelain Profiling Service

Our Bespoke Profiling Service is Located at our Distribution Centre in Widnes

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