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Our team has extensive experience working with contractors, architects, landscaping designers, and homeowners on a variety of high-profile self-build projects.

Our team will discuss your project requirements with you and offer valuable advice and guidance on selecting the right product for your needs.

a house with red cedar cladding

External Cladding & Coated Wood

From stylish external cladding to premium coated wood, Beesley & Fildes stocks a variety of wood products to satisfy a myriad of customer requirements. Our expertly applied finishes add an extra layer of protection to our wood, helping them maintain their longevity and appearance for years.
a patio with yellow balau decking

Specialist & Hardwood Decking

Sourced from sustainable Yellow Balau hardwood, our decking brings you durability and charm in one exquisite package. Suitable for a variety of applications, our Yellow Balau Decking ensures excellent longevity and enduring aesthetics, the kind only nature's finest materials can offer.
a garden with slatted fence panel made from red cedar

Slatted Screen Fencing

Apart from decking, our talented team also excels in producing high-quality fencing products. Utilising a wide range of sustainable woods, we ensure the finished products meet our stringent standards of quality while contributing to the beauty of your exterior landscape.
western red cedar shingles

Finest Canadian Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles

Dedicated to crafting fine, precision-made Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes, our team offers top-grade quality that assures long-lasting aesthetic appeal. Handpicked for superior wood quality and meticulously processed, we stock only the finest cedar shingles and shakes available on the market.
an image of specialist connectors for cladding

Fixings & Connectors

Explore Beesley & Fildes' expansive collection of specialist fixings and connectors, explicitly designed to enhance and stabilize your timber decking and cladding projects. From sturdy joist hangers and nails to reliable clips and screws, the product range exhibits excellent versatility to meet the demands of all wooden installations. 

Limited Offers

Limited Offers

Beesley & Fildes Limited, renowned for its exceptional quality and extensive range, is currently offering amazing deals on specialist timber. Aiming to cater to a wide range of needs for construction, repair and DIY projects.

Meet Our Expert Timber Team

Our highly skilled timber team at Beesley & Fildes prides itself on delivering nothing but the best when it comes to high-quality cladding, slatted screen fencing, decking & shingles. We ensure our range of wood is responsibly sourced from trusted timber processing companies worldwide.

With years of industry experience and a dedicated commitment to excellence, Beesley & Fildes team is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, offering expert advice to architects, developers, self-builders, landscapers, and DIY project enthusiasts alike.

If you're in the market for high-quality, sustainably sourced timber products, our team at Beesley & Fildes Timber is your ideal solution.

Choose us for unrivaled expertise and superior quality timber that will bring timeless charm to your construction projects.

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