ACO Surface Drainage

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Welcome to Beesley & Fildes, your trusted partner in the construction supply industry. With an enduring legacy of over 50 years, we take pride in bringing you the leading ACO surface drainage systems. ACO, renowned globally for its unparalleled drainage solutions, ensures your projects not only overcome water management challenges but also augment the beauty and functionality of your space. Whether you're a builder, plumber, DIY enthusiast, or landscaper, our range of ACO drainage products promises to meet your every need.

Why Choose ACO Drainage Systems?

ACO drain systems stand out for their exceptional efficiency and effortless installation. With a keen focus on addressing various drainage needs, ACO has developed its esteemed HexDrain and RainDrain ranges. These offerings are tailored to effectively manage water, preventing pavement flooding and diverting water away from properties, thus ensuring peace of mind for property owners.
- Driveway Drainage: ACO’s driveway drainage solutions, including the quick-to-assemble domestic channel grating, combine durability with aesthetic appeal. Made with premium wedge wire stainless steel, these systems offer lasting performance.
- Drains for Patios: For those seeking to protect and enhance their patio areas, the ACO slot drain and patio drain channel systems provide discreet and effective water management, preserving the beauty of outdoor living spaces.
- Eco Drainage: Emphasising sustainability, ACO’s eco drainage solutions such as the HexDrain, crafted from recycled polypropylene, demonstrate the brand's commitment to environmental stewardship without compromising on quality or performance.
- Concrete Drainage Channel: The ACO concrete drainage channel systems utilise recycled polymer to create a lightweight yet durable solution ideal for a range of domestic applications.

Tailored Solutions for Every Space

ACO understands the diverse needs of its users, which is why it offers a variety of grating options to personalize the aesthetics of your drainage channel. From the sleek design of the ACO slot drain ideal for modern landscapes to the robust functionality of the concrete drainage channel for high-traffic areas, there's a solution for every scenario.

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Don’t let water management concerns undermine the integrity or aesthetic appeal of your property. Embrace the leading solutions offered by Beesley & Fildes’ ACO surface drainage systems. Explore our comprehensive range today and take the first step towards a drier, more beautiful outdoor space. 
Elevate your water management approach with ACO and Beesley & Fildes – where quality meets innovation.

Introducing ACO Channel Drainage Systems: The Solution to Your Water Management Needs

At Beesley & Fildes, we are proud to offer the world's leading range of channel drainage systems from ACO. With over 50 years of experience, ACO has been the trusted choice for builders, plumbers, DIYers, and landscapers. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable and durable drainage solutions that not only solve your water management issues but also enhance the aesthetics of your property.

ACO understands the importance of efficient and easy-to-install products. That's why we stock their HexDrain and RainDrain ranges, designed to tackle any drainage challenge you may face. Whether you need to prevent pavement flooding or ensure water flow away from your property, ACO has got you covered.

For discreet flood prevention in residential gardens, look no further than ACO's brickslot channel. This innovative solution is perfect for keeping your garden dry while maintaining its beauty. If you're dealing with driveways and pavements, we recommend ACO's instant clip-together domestic channel grating. Manufactured with high-quality wedge wire stainless steel, this option provides both durability and convenience.

ACO's commitment to meeting domestic needs is evident in their RainDrain range. By utilising recycled polymer, they have created a lightweight concrete that, when combined with galvanised steel grating, offers stability and durability for any domestic application. Whether you're working on a household project or a minimally trafficked area like a cycleway, ACO's RainDrain ensures efficient water channelling.

ACO's HexDrain is another fantastic option for domestic use. Made from recycled polypropylene, this high-strength channel drain is not only environmentally friendly but also easy to install. With nine different grating options available, you can customise the look of your HexDrain to seamlessly blend with your property's aesthetics. 

With ACO's commitment to functionality and durability, you can have peace of mind knowing that your channel drainage system will withstand the test of time. Choose from nine different grating options to add a touch of style to your RainDrain system while ensuring efficient water management.

Don't let water-related issues dampen your spirits. Let Beesley & Fildes and ACO be your trusted partners in solving your water management needs. Contact us today and discover the world of ACO channel drainage systems - the optimal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

ACO Surface Dranage FAQs

What is a driveway drain called?

Linear drainage systems, such as channel drains, trench drains, or strip drains, are effective solutions to prevent flooding in garages, basements, driveways, and gardens.

Where does driveway drainage go?

Normally, the driveway slopes away from your home and collects water, which is then directed into a linear channel drain located at the driveway's end. This drain efficiently redirects the water into a storm drain for proper disposal.

Where does water from ACO drain go?

The ACO Drive Drain system functions as a surface drain, collecting water from the pavement and guiding it into an underground drain. From there, the water is directed towards a suitable SUDS system, the main Surface Water sewer, a nearby ditch, or a watercourse.

Do I need permission to connect to the drain?

Absolutely, it is vital to obtain written consent by completing a Section 106 license before connecting your property to the public sewer. Additionally, for connection works within public roads or footways, a street works license issued by your local council is required.

Can I install a drain in my garden?

If you're considering garden drainage, careful planning on where the water will be directed is crucial. Viable options include utilizing ditches, streams, or implementing soakaways, which are deep holes filled with rubble designed to facilitate water absorption into porous rocks.

Do you need a slope (fall) on an ACO Drain?

A slight slope of 1:100 is all you need to ensure efficient drainage with ACO Drain, even in smooth situations.

What is the minimum slope (fall) for rainwater drainage?

For residential drainage using 100mm pipes, the minimum recommended slopes are 1:40 for Foul Water and 1:100 for Surface Water.