Are you a tradie or local business?

And use Beesley & Fildes building or landscaping materials?

If so, we would love you to share your work with us! We want to see our building or landscaing materials in action, and help you promote your busines or trade at the same time.

Send us your work photos, and we'll promote and reshare them on our social media channels. it's a great way to boost your social media coverage, as well as showing even more potenial customers your handwork.

Where to start with your photos

Not sure what part of the job warrants a picture? Don’t overthink it! Plus, if you’re really stuck, we have some guidance below on what will work best on social:

  • Before and after shots – The classic type of imagery that always works great on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • The detail – Have you used some of our materials for something super specific? Or made something minor into something amazing? 
  • Projects big and small – It doesn’t have to be your biggest project to date, even the smallest jobs can be visually impressive!
  • Indoor, outdoor, housing, beach huts, and more! – From arty shots to modern builds, or materials used in unconventional ways, we want to see your photos.

We’d also recommend using a good quality smartphone to take your photos, or even better, a good quality digital camera.

Beesley & Fildes Work Photos
e.g. Facebook - @BFLBM
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