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Water pooling around the house entrances or patios not only compromises the aesthetics of your property but can also lead to long-term structural damage. This is where the ACO Threshold Drain steps in as an innovative solution to your water management needs. Crafted meticulously from extruded plastic and topped with either aluminium or steel grating, this product stands at the forefront of eliminating water ponding efficiently. Let’s dive into why the ACO Threshold Drain is an essential addition to modern homes, highlighting its affordability, ease of use, and how it distinguishes itself in the competitive market of drainage solutions.
The ACO Threshold Drain offers a comprehensive drainage system with a sleek width of 60mm and 1m length units, making it an unobtrusive yet effective water management tool. The versatility is further enriched with a range of finishes such as silver or black aluminium, CorTen steel, or stainless steel Heelguard grating, which ensures safety for pedestrian traffic while blending seamlessly with various architectural styles. These gratings are specifically designed for areas frequented by foot, making them a perfect choice for both house entrances and patio drainage.
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Affordability and Ease of Use

When it comes to water drainage solutions, the blend of affordability and ease of use is crucial, and this is where the ACO Threshold Drain shines. Not only is it priced competitively to fit various budgets, but its installation is straightforward, allowing for a hassle-free setup. With a variety of accessories including corner units and ø110mm vertical outlets, the drainage channel becomes a versatile tool for modern patio drainage systems. Whether it’s for compliance with Building Regulations Part M in England and Wales or Building Standards Section 4 in Scotland, this threshold drain offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

ACO Drain's Distinct Features

Innovatively designed, the ACO drainage channel addresses common concerns with water management around property thresholds and patios. The introduction of new channel and corner units featuring a stainless steel grate brings an added level of durability and aesthetics. Using grade 316 stainless steel for visible parts ensures a long-lasting performance and a stylish finish that enhances building thresholds and patios. Additionally, the recent CorTen finish option caters to the high-end market, providing a rustic, yet sophisticated appearance to your garden and landscape projects.
Moreover, the installation recommendations provided, such as installing the channel 3-5mm below the adjacent paving level, guarantee that no water flows back onto the paving during heavy rainfall. This foresight in design showcases ACO's commitment to not just solving immediate drainage issues but ensuring a lasting, maintenance-free solution for your property.

Why Choose ACO Threshold Drain?

In conclusion, the ACO Threshold Drain is a standout choice for those seeking an effective, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable solution to manage water around their property. From the easy installation process to the variety of grating finishes catering to different tastes and needs, the ACO drain ensures that your entrances and patios remain dry and attractive. Whether you’re upgrading your home's drainage system or integrating it into new construction, consider the ACO Threshold Drain for its exceptional balance of form, function, and affordability. Protect your home and elevate your outdoor spaces today with ACO’s trusted drainage solutions.