Cavity Wall Steel Lintels

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Steel lintels offer a number of advantages on construction projects.

Because they are lightweight and do not require lifting gear, they are easy to handle, construct and dismantle, and can contribute to site safety. They are available in a wide variety of widths, sizes, lengths and strengths, as well as custom-made designs to cater for arched, corner, bay and other lintel styles. They are not visible above openings and so do not interrupt the aesthetics of brickwork.

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£37.33ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 900mm (24)
£49.24ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 1200mm (24)
£64.62ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 1500mm (24)
£79.72ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 1800mm (24)
£91.56ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 2100mm (24)
£110.98ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 2400mm (24)
£133.25ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 2700mm (16)
£181.53ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 3000mm (16)
£211.57ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 3300mm (16)
£239.83ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 3600mm (16)
£290.46ex. VAT
Lintel CB50 3900mm (16)
£36.96ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 900mm (24)
£48.90ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 1200mm (24)
£63.80ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 1500mm (24)
£78.47ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 1800mm (24)
£91.54ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 2100mm (24)
£112.19ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 2400mm (24)
£136.55ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 2700mm (16)
£182.98ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 3000mm (16)
£90.25ex. VAT
Lintel HD70 1200mm
£146.43ex. VAT
Lintel HD70 2100mm
£50.13ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1200mm (20)
£63.37ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1500mm (20)
£78.08ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1800mm (20)
£93.03ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 2100mm (20)
£30.78ex. VAT
Lintel CB70 750mm (24)
£38.16ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 900mm (20)
£45.55ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1050mm (20)
£58.57ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1350mm (20)
£72.53ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1650mm (20)
£90.01ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 1950mm (20)
£172.44ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 2850mm (10)
£179.15ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 3000mm (10)
£205.87ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 3300mm (10)
£234.77ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 3600mm (10)
£292.56ex. VAT
Lintel CB90 3900mm (10)
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Steel lintels also facilitate the building of brickwork over an opening without having to form an arch-effect. Steel lintels are much less prone to site damage, and a rigid steel cavity lintel adds stability to a cavity wall around an opening during the construction process itself. Some lintels incorporate a damp-proof course (DPC). Steel is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled again and again without degradation of its properties or performance. More than 40% of the world’s “new” steel is made from recycled steel without any loss of quality. In the UK, the current recycling and reuse rates of steel construction products is 94%.