Energy Efficient Sustainable Solutions

Beesley & Fildes Ltd

Ask us about our FSC and PEFC certified products

Beesley & Fildes Ltd have a demonstrable commitment to environmental concerns & promote the more sustainable practices within the industry. We promote innovative products that help to create low carbon, energy efficient sustainable solutions.

We take our impact on the environment and local community very seriously and endeavour to preserve our natural environment for future generations.We endeavour where possible to source our wood from certified sources, approved by either the FSC or PEFC. Every year an area half the size of the UK is cleared of natural  forests. These forests, which once covered half of the planet, are irreplaceable and their loss has profound  economic, social and environmental impacts.

The FSC body runs a global forest certification system with two key components: Forest Management and Chain of Custody  certification. This system allows consumers to identify, purchase and use timber and forest products produced from well managed forests. PEFC works  throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the  forest and to ensure that timber and non timber forest products are produced  with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

Whitakers Garden Centre

At Whitakers Garden Centre, we operate a highly efficient and self reliant water  recycling program, we have a pump to extract water from the stream which runs through the Garden Centre to our plants thus reducing our impact on the local water reservoirs.

To limit the amount of  electricity we use, we have underfloor heating thus heating  the shop from the floor upwards as we believe  radiators result in a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere and promote heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs.The result is wasted energy, and wasted resources.

We are a disability friendly organisation with ample disabled car parking spaces close to the front entrance with wheelchairs available on request. Our shop is on one level with wide aisles enabling easy access to all public areas  of the Garden Centre. We have fantastic toilet facilities including a disabled toilet located next to the floristry department.