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Elevate your garden game with Beesley & Fildes fence and shed paints. Whether you're looking for the iconic Ronseal fence paint, or the long-lasting Ronseal fence life plus, our selection of high-quality paints is sure to make your fence or shed the envy of the neighbourhood.

Ronseal one coat fence life is the perfect solution, giving you the quality and longevity, you expect with only one coat. Our range of charcoal, dark, light, and slate grey fence paints means you can find the perfect colour to complement your home's exterior. Make your garden stand out with our superior fence and shed paint range.

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Protect your investment with Beesley & Fildes fence and shed paints. Our high-quality products offer superior protection against the elements, keeping your fence or shed looking great for longer.

With Ronseal one coat fence life, you can enjoy convenience without sacrificing quality, ensuring your fence or shed is painted and protected in no time. Our range of stylish shades, including Ronseal charcoal grey and light grey fence paint, lets you express your unique style while keeping your fence or shed in top condition.

Plus, with the bonus of easy application, our fence and shed paints are the perfect solution for any homeowner. Check out our product pages to see which of our superior products is right for you!

Painting your fence or shed FAQs

How to paint your fence?

Before you start

You can’t use this stain on decking, garden furniture or other smooth planed wood. We have other products to help you with that. Cold wet weather stops the stain from drying and could wash it off. So make sure it’s a warm day with the temperature above 10°C and no rain is forecast. The wood needs to be clean and dry so the stain can soak in properly. To clean the wood, use a stiff brush to get rid of any dirt. If you want to cover up a bright, strong or contrasting colour, you’ll need to use extra coats. This stain is safe to use around plants and pets.

What is the easiest way to paint a fence?

The best way to paint a fence is by spray painting it since it is quicker and easier to do. However, you can paint a fence by hand, too

Should you paint a fence with a roller or brush?

We recommend using a roller and a paintbrush to paint garden fences. This will help you paint the fence quickly without wasting a lot of paint. Use the roller for flat surfaces and the fence brush for edges.

How do you prepare a shed for painting?

Give it a good clean, Use a diluted general-purpose cleaner and a hard wire brush to scrub your shed well. Ensure you remove any excess debris, cobwebs, mud, mould or anything else that's been attracted to your shed over the years. Make sure the wood is completely dry before you go over it with your paint.

Should I use a roller or brush to paint a shed?

You can use a paint roller for large areas, or a wide fence and shed brush if you prefer. For tricky nooks and crannies, use a smaller brush. Try not to overload the brush or roller, or let paint collect in crevices this will help to avoid runs or drips.