Glues & Adhesives

Beesley & Fildes supply and stock a comprehensive range of adhesives for repair and assembly of all materials. These products are available in a wide range of different adhesive technologies, packing sizes and formats. We also carry a quality range of DIY and trade adhesives for all your construction and repair needs

Gorilla Glue 250ml £8.75 ex. VAT each
Gorilla Glue 60ml £3.76 ex. VAT each
Stick 2 Epoxy Putty £4.35 ex. VAT each
EGGER D4 Adhesive (Protec) 1kg £14.03 ex. VAT each
Mitre Fix Kit 50g Ref MITRE1 £7.60 ex. VAT each


IMAGESAll pictures, illustrations and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, and show or represent the product described as accurately as possible. However, where product illustrations are unavailable or unsuitable, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative product of a similar or better quality. The information is provided only as a guide. Full technical information is available for all products purchased upon request. All goods conform to manufacturers quality standards.

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