Adhesives & Sealants

We provide a broad range of adhesives and sealants to suit any task of sticking, repairing, and sealing. If you are tackling a flooring job, in search of a powerful grab adhesive, a hybrid sealant, or the well-known Gorilla Glue products, then you have come to the right place. Have a look at our complete range of adhesives, sealants, and foam items to be sure you can restore, glue, and seal with certainty.

What is the difference between Adhesives & Sealants?

Adhesives are generally comprised of a blend of polymers, resins, and solvents. They are designed to produce a strong bonding effect when cured.
On the contrary, Sealants are more often elastomeric in nature, implying that they are supple and capable of handling movements without sacrificing their sealing features.
As a general principle, sealants are more adaptable than normal adhesives.

Typically, they have a paste-like consistency since they are composed of an elastomer. From common silicone sealant to task-specific adhesives, a vast array of adhesive and sealant products are now available in the market. We shall be listing some of the common adhesive and sealant products in the section below.

Flooring Adhesives: Make sure to obtain a flawless output with our premium flooring adhesives. Specially designed for various flooring materials, such as hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and tile, these adhesives can provide a secure and enduring bond.

Grab Adhesives: Our grab adhesives offer quick-bonding power and maximum strength. Ideal for temporary fixes, DIY projects, and standard bonding, these adhesives guarantee consistent outcomes for a variety of surfaces.

Polyurethane Adhesives: Polyurethane adhesives are quite famous in the building industry. They are apt for bonding wood, metal, and plastic substrates and can provide superb water resistance, making them apt for exterior projects. A popular polyutherane-glue often employed in the industry is Gorilla Glue.

Adhesives and Sealants: Examine our comprehensive selection of adhesives and sealants tailored to fulfil a wide variety of requirements. From glueing and sealing to fixing and securing, we offer solutions for various materials and surfaces.

We guarantee that all of our adhesives and sealants abide by the highest standards of quality and dependability.
No matter if you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you can trust our products to deliver impressive results. Have a look at our products and find the most suitable adhesive or sealant for your upcoming project.

In the construction sector, adhesives and glues are utilized in many different applications, which include:

Structural Bonding: Adhesives and glues are generally employed in structural bonding operations, including joining panels and laminates, reinforcing concrete constructions, and connecting steel components.
Flooring: Adhesives and glues are widely used in flooring projects, like the instalment of carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, and wood flooring.
Sealants: Adhesives and glues are also commonly utilized as sealants, plugging up openings and sealing seams in structures to stop the infiltration of water, air, and dust.