Vertical Radiators

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Vertical radiators are taller than they are wide, making them a practical option for properties with limited wall space?. 

Their space-saving design means they can be installed almost anywhere, including hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and utility rooms. In compact rooms with lots of furniture, tall radiators can be fitted on the walls without compromising the space’s layout.

They’re also ideal for smaller areas where the placement of furniture limits access to walls. Their slim designs and powerful heat output are the perfect fusion of design and functionality.

The unique orientation of upright radiators also adds to their appeal. With black and white colour finishes, widths and heights available, you can tailor your heating to match your interior. 

From an efficiency standpoint, vertical radiators are as effective as traditional radiators, often constructed from high-quality, low-carbon steel and boasting excellent heat output ratings.

As the go-to choice for UK homeowners, we have plenty of vertical radiatorsfor sale at Beesley and Fildes. Buy online and heat your home in style!

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Vertical Radiator FAQs

How do vertical radiators attach to the wall?

Attaching vertical radiators is generally a straightforward process. Begin by locating wall studs with a stud finder for a stable mount. 

Next choose an optimal bracket position based on your room design and radiator dimensions, marking screw hole locations that align with the wall studs to ensure a secure fitting. Simply drill pilot holes at these marks, then secure adjustable mounting brackets to the wall with screws, ensuring level alignment. 

Once the first steps are completed, you can hang your tall radiator securely on the brackets and following any additional securing instructions provided with your tall radiator. Connect the pipework, bleed the radiator using a radiator key, and test for leaks by turning on the heating system.

If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with the process, please contact us on 0151 480 8304 for consulting assistance with the installation.

What sizes do vertical radiators come in?

You’ll be happy to know our tall column radiators are available in a variety of sizes. To suit diverse spaces, the tall radiators measure at 1800mm in height and vary from 304mm to 514mm in width to accommodate your different wall spaces and ensure an even heat distribution.

We also provide double vertical radiators to accommodate all heating needs in your home and so you can maintain space efficiency and aesthetic appeal without compromising on size.

The range in length and width of our radiators ensures flexibility, allowing you to select a vertical radiator or double vertical radiator that complements your room layout in every room. 

Are vertical radiators easy to fit?

Yes, installing vertical radiators in your home is generally straightforward. 

The quick process involves mounting brackets securely on the wall, ensuring they are level and attached to wall studs. 

Once the brackets are in place, the radiator can be easily lifted and hung. Connecting the pipework to the heating system follows, and a radiator key is then used to bleed any trapped air. 

While the overall installation of an upright radiator is user-friendly, it's advisable to refer to the specific instructions included for precise details. 

What should I look for in a vertical radiator?

When selecting a vertical radiator, you will need to consider key factors like size and ensuring it fits in your space adequately. With options ranging from compact to wider models, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Look for efficient heat output, often influenced by the radiator's construction material and design. 

Another thing to opt for is customizable finishes to match your interior, such as black or white. Before purchasing, make sure to check for additional features on your vertical column radiator like adjustable brackets for easy installation. 

Lastly, always make sure to review product specifications and user reviews to make an informed decision that is tailored to your heating needs.

How far off the floor should a vertical radiator be?

The optimal height for a vertical column radiator from the floor varies based on practicality and aesthetics. 

As a general guideline, many homeowners prefer to install their tall radiator around 150mm (6 inches) above the floor. This height ensures efficient heat circulation and makes cleaning beneath the radiator more accessible. 

However, individual preferences and room layouts may also influence this decision. It's recommended to try strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal with your upright radiators, ensuring it complements the overall design while effectively heating your home. 

Which vertical radiators give out the most heat?

The heat output of vertical radiators can vary based on factors like size, design, and construction. Generally, double panel vertical radiators tend to provide the most heat. These radiators feature two panels, increasing the surface area for heat emission and making them more efficient in heating larger spaces. 

Additionally, the choice of materials, such as high-quality low-carbon steel, can influence heat output. When selecting a vertical radiator for maximum heat, consider the specific dimensions, the number of panels, and the construction material.