Double Panel Radiators

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Double panel radiators are the UK’s number one heating solution. Perfect for large spaces, these long-lasting products are renowned for their value-for-money heating. 

Also known as Type 22 radiators, they’re particularly effective in heating rooms quickly with their double-panel design and convector fins (which help disperse warm air?). Another key feature of double radiators is their increased surface area. 

With dual panels and two fins, their larger exterior allows cold air to contact and absorb heat. Plus, they’re typically installed underneath windows, where they can effectively mix cold air with warmth before dispersion. 

For sale now at Beesley & Fildes, we have double panel radiators in various sizes. Our compact selection offers radiant heat while being space efficient, with sizes ranging from  450x1100 to 600x400.

Despite their added power and efficiency, double radiators don’t require extra room. The convector fins and second panel are seamlessly integrated, giving your home a higher heat output without increasing the radiator’s size. 

So, if you’re looking for a practical, year-round heating solution, choose double panel radiators: buy online now!

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Double Panel Radiator FAQs

Do double radiators save money?

Double radiators can contribute to cost savings in multiple scenarios. Their dual-panel design allows for increased heat output, leading to more efficient heating of larger spaces. 

In well-insulated homes or rooms with high heat loss, double panel radiators may provide the necessary warmth without overworking the heating system. 

However, the cost-effectiveness depends on factors like insulation, room size, and the efficiency of the heating system. It's advisable to conduct a thorough assessment of your heating needs, considering factors such as room size and insulation levels, to determine whether double radiators align with your energy-saving goals and offer cost-efficient heating.

Do double panel radiators give more heat?

Yes, double panel radiators provide more heat compared to their single panel counterparts. 

The dual panels increase the surface area for heat emission, allowing for higher heat output. This makes double panel radiators particularly effective in heating larger rooms or spaces with high heat loss. The enhanced efficiency of double panel radiators results in quicker and more effective heating, contributing to a warmer and more comfortable environment. 

When considering radiators for larger areas or those with greater heating demands, opting for double panel radiators is a practical choice to ensure sufficient warmth and comfort.

Can I replace a single panel radiator with a double?

Yes, in many cases, you can replace a single panel radiator with a double panel radiator. 

However, it's essential to consider a few factors. Check your available space and ensure it accommodates the larger size of a double panel radiator. Additionally, assess the heating requirements of the room; double panel radiators provide more heat output, making them suitable for larger spaces and double convector radiators will output even more. 

Ensure that your existing plumbing and heating system can support the increased heat output. Consulting with us can help determine the compatibility and guide you through the process of upgrading to a double panel radiator or a radiator with a double convector.

Is it worth upgrading double radiators?

Deciding whether to upgrade double radiators depends on factors like the age, condition, and efficiency of the existing radiators. If your radiators are ageing, inefficient, or you're looking to improve energy efficiency and heating performance, upgrading could be worthwhile. 

Modern double radiators often come with advanced features, improved efficiency, and enhanced heat output. Assess your heating requirements and weigh the benefits of upgrading for increased efficiency, potential cost savings, and improved heating comfort.

Are Type 22 radiators better than Type 21?

Your choice between Type 22 and Type 21 radiators depends on specific heating needs and the size of your space. 

Type 22 radiators have two panels and two convector layers, offering higher heat output compared to Type 21, which has a single panel and two convector layers. If a room requires increased warmth, especially in larger spaces, Type 22 radiators may be more suitable. 

What is the advantage of a Type 22 radiator?

The primary advantage of a Type 22 radiator lies in the enhanced heat output. With two panels and two convector layers, Type 22 radiators offer higher efficiency in heating larger spaces or areas with greater heating demands. 

The increased surface area for heat emission allows for quicker and more effective warmth distribution, providing a comfortable environment. This makes Type 22 radiators a practical choice for rooms where maintaining optimal heating levels is crucial. 

The advantage of improved heat output ensures that these radiators are well-suited for applications in larger living spaces, ensuring efficient and consistent heating throughout your room.