Dry Verge Roof Fittings


Klober: With the NHBC decision to make dry fixing of eaves and ridges mandatory, Klober’s new Uni-Click® Dry Verge Plus can be used with all large and medium format concrete tiles. Suitable for pitches from 12.5° to 90° it has a built-in drip tray and is available in brown, slate grey, terracotta and black with matching eaves closures, ridge closures and ridge end caps. Uni-Click is invariably installed in conjunction with a universal ventilating dry ridge and hip system such as Klober Roll-Fix® which comes in a practical all-in-one kit and is suitable for half round and angle ridge tiles.

600mm Rafter Tray (Pack 10No) £16.85 ex. VAT each
Cromar 3m Universal Hip Kit £29.00 ex. VAT each
Cromar 6m Universal Hip Kit £49.50 ex. VAT each
Cromar Angled Centre Cap Grey £2.84 ex. VAT each
Cromar Hip Clips (20) £16.80 ex. VAT each
Cromar Hip Tray 1.2m £1.56 ex. VAT each
Cromar Rounded Centre Cap Grey £2.84 ex. VAT each
Cromar Starter Pack Grey £1.26 ex. VAT each
Eaves Comb Filler 1Mtr £1.64 ex. VAT each
Klober Secret Gutter £20.31 ex. VAT each
Klober Underlay Support Tray £1.59 ex. VAT each

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