Safety Workwear

Everyone deserves to feel protected: with Beesley & Fildes’ safety workwear, you can do any job more efficiently. Whether you want greater visibility on site, defence against winter weather or shoe protectors, we have all the tools to keep you safe. 

Wear our work jackets to endure cold weather conditions in total warmth. Pair with a waistcoat from our hi-vis clothing selection, and you can have peace of mind that you’re visible to others. 

Do you work on a construction site or in carpentry? Invest in grip gloves or PPE accessories to protect your hands, eyes, nose and mouth. If you spend long periods outdoors, layered clothing will not only insulate but shield your skin from abrasions.

Invest in our high-quality polos, hoodies or t-shirts and feel less distracted by cold temperatures. If you’re on your feet all day, you’ll also need premium, waterproof footwear to see you through your shift.

That’s why we offer all industry workers top-brand boots that comply with legislative requirements.