• Setcrete Acrylic Primer 2.5Ltr T0600K2A

Setcrete Acrylic Primer 2.5Ltr T0600K2A

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Product Code: 5409LEV035
  • General purpose primer for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Promotes good adhesion for levelling compounds
  • Pigmented to aid coverage control
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Setcrete Acrylic Primer 2.5Ltr

The Essential Base for Your Floor Leveling Projects

Setcrete Acrylic Primer  is a fantastic solution that ensures a smooth and successful floor leveling process. Whether you're working on absorbent or non-absorbent subfloors, this low VOC emulsion primer will promote excellent adhesion for SETCRETE™ FLOOR LEVELLING COMPOUNDS. Let's take a closer look at what this product offers:

Why Use Setcrete Acrylic Primer ?

Prevents rapid drying of Setcrete Floor Levelling Compunds on absorbent subfloors.
Promotes adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces, making your leveling compounds stick perfectly.
Ideal for normal underfloor heating installations.
Green color for easy visual control of coverage uniformity.

When to Apply Setcrete Acrylic Primer ?

You should use Setcrete Acrylic Primer on:

Absorbent surfaces: Concrete, sand/cement screeds, plywood, and hardboard.
Non-absorbent surfaces: Terrazzo, power-floated concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles, sound asphalt, well-bonded epoxy and polyurethane coatings, and minimal existing adhesive residue.
Coverage and Drying Time

Applied dilute to absorbent surfaces: 50m² per 2.5-liter bottle.
Applied undiluted to non-absorbent surfaces: 25m² per 2.5-liter bottle.
Drying time varies based on temperature, humidity, and subfloor absorbency.
Absorbent subfloors: 20–30 minutes at 20°C.
Non-absorbent subfloors: 60 minutes at 20°C.

Preparation and Mixing

Ensure floor surfaces are sound, smooth, and dry with less than 75% Relative Humidity (less than 65% for wood floors).
Remove any laitance or surface treatments from concrete and sand/cement screeds before application.
Subfloor temperature should be above 10°C during primer application, and underfloor heating must be off for 48 hours before and after.
For absorbent surfaces, mix 1 part primer with 4 parts water. For non-absorbent surfaces, apply the primer undiluted.
Apply the primer evenly and allow it to dry completely.

Tools Needed

A paint roller for easy application. Remember to wash your tools with warm water immediately after use.

For further assistance or technical support regarding Setcrete Acrylic Primer , please contact the Technical Service Department - contact@setcrete.co.uk

  • Brand: Setcrete
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