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Explore the fantastic range of wet and dry sandpaper in our catalogue, meticulously curated to serve the diverse requirements of both the DIY enthusiast and professional tradesperson. The adaptability of our wet dry paper offers robust results, no matter the task at hand, ensuring the optimal balance of versatility and longevity.
A consistent crowd-pleaser, the 120 grit sandpaper we offer is an excellent choice for those in search of a finely finished surface. From your woodworking tasks to smoothing out plaster, it guarantees precision and perfection every time. But if you need to work with harder materials, opt for our 80 grit sandpaper, specially designed for demanding jobs that need extra grit.
Browse through our sandpaper roll collection - an economical, easy-to-store solution that can be cut into any size for customised usability. Our stock features everything from 40 grit sandpaper, a go-to option for heavy stripping, to fine sandpaper for your delicate finishing touches.
Not sure about the grade? Not to worry! Our offering runs from coarse sandpaper for tackling tough surfaces, right through to fine grit sandpaper, a must-have for adding those final sophisticated finishing touches.
You won’t want to miss our sandpaper aluminium oxide collection either - its impressive durability and quick-cutting capabilities make it a winner among woodworkers and painters alike. And if it’s all about size, go for our 60 grit sandpaper – it’s just right for moderate material removal and preparing surfaces for painting.
So, why wait? At Beesley & Fildes, our wide variety, top-quality, and competitive pricing combine to offer you the ultimate sandpaper solution. Your perfect sanding companion is just a click away! Explore our user-friendly site today to find the perfect fit for your sanding and smoothing needs.