Rock Salt 25kg Bag

Rock Salt 25kg Bag

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Rock Salt 25kg Bag 

This White Rock Salt is a fast acting and easily spreadable. It is formed when sea water is evaporated on the salt plains, which leaves thousands of tonnes of raw white sand behind.  This salt is then washed, graded to the correct size and finally an anti-caking additive is added to prevent clumping up. 

White Rock Salt is recommended for use on paths, driveways, footpaths, roads and motorways, as well as in schools, supermarkets and business parks. The main advantage of white rock salt is that it leaves very little residue behind compared to brown rock salt (which leaves a little).  For organisations where cleanliness is an issue, or locations where a lot of people are walking salt inside, then this White Rock Salt can be a useful alternative to brown.

Sold in 25kg bags, White Rock Salt is also available in bulk bags  

Rock salt has a long shelf life and, if kept covered or kept in bags away from prolonged direct sunlight, then storage will be fine for the next few years.

Grades: De-Icing Salt
Shape: Angular
Geology: Rock Salt, Marine Salt
Applications: De-Icing of Footpaths, Roads, Car Parks, etc.
Delivery Options: Loose, Bulk Bags, Prepacked Bags
Colour Options: Brown, White


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