Redwood 16finx30fin Quirk Bead C5 [p]

Redwood 16finx30fin Quirk Bead C5 [p]

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Redwood 16fin x 30fin Quirk Bead C5 [PEFC]

quirk bead
(building construction)
A bead with a quirk on one side only, as on the edge of a board. Also known as bead and quirk.
A bead that is flush with the adjoining surface and separated from it by a quirk on each side. Also known as bead and quirk; double-quirked bead; flush bead; recessed bead.
A bead located at a corner with quirks at either side at right angles to each other. Also known as bead and quirk; return bead.
A bead with a quirk on its face. Also known as bead and quirk.

Premium joinery-quality square-planed pine timber is ideal for interior joinery where a smooth finish is required

  • Premium joinery-quality planed pine timber for painting, varnishing or where a consistent thickness is required
  • Produced from slow-grown trees typically over 80 years old, this timber is less likely to split or twist
  • Joinery-quality pine provides a smoother surface than other softwoods
  • Kiln-dried to improve stability and straightness
  • Planed with square edges (PSE) (PAR)
  • Ideal for internal joinery applications where a superior finish is required
  • All sizes are approximate and will vary with moisture content
  • PEFC-certified
  • Wood naturally expands and contracts with moisture content so some changes in size should be expected
Timber Thickness: 16mm 19mm
Timber Width: 38mm
Timber Lengths available: 0.6mtr 0.9mtr 1.2mtr 1.5mtr 1.8mtr 2.1mtr 2.4mtr 2.7mtr 3.0mtr 3.3mtr 3.6mtr 3.9mtr 4.2mtr 4.5mtr 4.8mtr 5.1mtr 5.4mtr 5.7mtr 6.0mtr
Timber Certification: PEFC
Species: Redwood

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