• Larsen SLC1550 Flexi (Fibre) Floor Levelling Compound 20kg Ref 1M3220

Larsen SLC1550 Flexi (Fibre) Floor Levelling Compound 20kg Ref 1M3220

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Product Code: 5409LEV050

- Form: Powder 

- Color: Grey

- Hazard Information: The product is an irritant and contains cement. Please consult the Safety Datasheet before use.

- Cleaning: To clean tools and equipment, use warm water. Mechanical means are necessary after the product has set. 

- Packing: The product is packed in a 20KG multi-wall, sealed paper bag.

- Storage Conditions: Store the product in sealed containers in dry conditions and protect it from extremes of temperature.

- Shelf Life: The product has a shelf life of 6 months in unopened original packaging.

- Coverage: 1m² at 10.00mm requires approximately 20kg of the product.

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Larsen SLC1550 Flexi (Fibre) Floor Levelling Compound 20kg Ref 1M3220

Professional SLC 1550 Universal is a cement-based underlayment that comes in a single pack and dries quickly. It is made from a controlled blend of high-quality sands, cements, and synthetic polymers that make it self-levelling and smoothing. The product is ideal for use in both domestic and commercial situations where levelling of up to 50mm is required. It can also be used over underfloor heating and on substrates such as timber.

Please note that Prof SLC 1550 FLEX is not suitable for industrial use and cannot be used as a final wearing surface. It should not be applied to flexible surfaces or surfaces subject to vibration. Before application, substrates must be strong and stable enough to bear the weight of screed and covering without excessive deflection. Prof SLC 1550 FLEX is suitable for use over underfloor heating systems, but room and substrate temperatures must be above 5°C during application.

Prof SLC 1550 FLEX does not provide a wearing finish and must be overlaid with a suitable resilient floor finish such as carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, or resin coatings. It is ideal for use in various settings, including offices, dwellings, schools, hospitals, and airports.


- Self-levelling

- 3 - 50mm in one application

- Fast drying

- Protein-free

- Fibre-reinforced

- Light foot traffic after 2 - 4 hours

- BS EN 13813 CT–C25–F7

  • Brand: Larsen
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