Gripit Fixings Assorted Pack Ref GASSORTWDKIT

Gripit Fixings Assorted Pack Ref GASSORTWDKIT

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SKU: 6611GRI050

Gripit Fixings Assorted Pack Ref GASSORTWDKIT.

Product Description
GripIt® are designed for use with all types of plasterboard installations. Using their uniquely designed slim gripping wings, GripIt® fold out in the gap behind the board and produce the most effective and secure fixing in the world today. The GripIt® Assorted Kit contains 8 of each GripIt®.
Product Features
Takes heavier loads, one fixing can hold up to 180 kg
New quick fix design, fits 9.5-15mm thick plasterboard
Removable and reusable, 100% universal
Pack Contains
8 x 15mm fixings; 8 x 4.0 x 25mm wood screws; 8 x 18mm fixings; 8 x 5.0 x 30mm wood screws; 8 x 20mm fixings; 8 x M6 x 20mm bolts; 8 x 25mm fixings; 8 x M8 x 20mm bolts

They hold more weight than any other fixing
Easy and quick to install
Saves labour
Saves time and money
Cannot over tighten
No vapour barrier damage
Fits dry lining wall constructions


Ideal for
Small Shelving
Water Heaters

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