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Coarse fixing is our speciality, which is why we’re proud to present our range of Beesley & Fildes plasterboard screws. 

Are you working with a brittle material, like plywood or OSB? Fasten your plasterboard with our coarse-thread drywall screws. Their premium clamping functions and impressive pull-out resistance will guarantee a secure installation. 

With black collated finishes, pozi and Phillips screw heads and lengths ranging from 12-100mm, Beesley & Fildes allow you to choose the best option for your specific application.

Designed to provide excellent holding power, our drywall screws will prevent unwanted movement or loosening over time. Their advanced thread design ensures a strong grip and efficient penetration into the drywall. 

With their sharp, self-drilling points, you can insert your drywall screws effortlessly without the need for a pilot hole. Their premium-grade construction also makes them highly corrosion-resistant, meaning they’ll always come out on top where durability is concerned. 

Whether you’re an experienced tradesperson searching for top-quality tools or a DIY beginner stocking up their toolbox, Beesley & Fildes’ drywall screws are a construction material must-have.

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