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Discover versatility in drilling with our comprehensive drill bit sets at Beesley & Fildes.

Start on a journey of exploration with our extensive drill bit sets, catering to a myriad of drilling requirements across DIY projects, professional trades, or everyday household tasks. Find the perfect set to meet your diverse project needs.

Choose from a range of carbide-tipped drill bits within our sets, seamlessly combining lightweight design with robust durability for effortless transportation and adaptability. Alternatively, experience the efficiency of our high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits, acknowledged for their exceptional strength and effectiveness in penetrating various surfaces.

Crafted with precision and convenience in mind, our drill bit sets boast advanced flute designs, ensuring optimal debris removal during drilling. Versatility is a key feature, accommodating a spectrum of materials, making them suitable for a wide array of drilling applications.

Whether you're tackling hardwood, softwood, metal, or other materials, our drill bit sets provide steadfast support for your daily tasks. Explore an extensive array of sizes and types within the sets, guaranteeing you possess the perfect tools for every job, indoors or outdoors.

Recognizing the paramount importance of quality craftsmanship, we collaborate with esteemed brands to deliver drill bit sets consistently meeting and surpassing the highest industry standards. Immerse yourself in our diverse range, where innovation converges with reliability, and discover the ideal drill bit sets tailored to your unique drilling needs.

At Beesley & Fildes, our commitment remains unwavering, dedicated to assisting you in achieving precision, efficiency, and impeccable results in all your drilling ventures.

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Drill Bit Set FAQs

What is a good set of drill bits?

A good set of drill bits should offer a versatile range of sizes and types to cater to various drilling needs. 

Look for sets that include high-speed steel (HSS) bits for general-purpose drilling and carbide-tipped bits for durability and precision in tougher materials. The set should cover a spectrum of sizes, from small to large, and include specialised bits for tasks like wood, metal, or masonry drilling. 

Consider brands with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and durability. Ultimately, good drill bit sets provide the right tools for different materials and projects, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your drilling endeavours. 

Do drill bit sets fit all drills?

Drill bit sets typically come with a variety of bit sizes and types, making them compatible with a wide range of drills. 

However, it's essential to check the compatibility of the shank (the part of the bit that attaches to the drill) with your specific drill. Most drill bits feature a standard round shank that fits into the majority of drills. 

Although, some drills may require bits with a hexagonal or specialised shank. Always refer to your drill's specifications and ensure the drill bit set you choose matches the required shank type to guarantee a secure and efficient fit.

What is the difference between titanium and cobalt drill sets?

The primary difference between titanium and cobalt drill bit sets for metal lies in their composition and performance attributes. Titanium drill bit sets are characterised by a coating that enhances durability and heat resistance, making them suitable for a variety of general metal drilling tasks. 

On the other hand, cobalt drill bit sets are crafted from a solid cobalt alloy, providing exceptional hardness and superior heat resistance, making them the preferred choice for more demanding metal applications.

When choosing between titanium and cobalt drill bit sets for metal, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your metal drilling project. Both sets offer durability and efficiency, with cobalt bits being particularly advantageous for tackling tougher metal surfaces due to their unmatched hardness. 

Select the drill bit set for metal that best aligns with the demands of your metal drilling tasks, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every application.

How do you tell what size a drill bit is?

Determining the size of a drill bit is a straightforward process. Most drill bit sets for metal include markings on the shaft, indicating the size in either inches or millimetres. These size markings are typically engraved or printed on the flat side of the bit's shank. 

Additionally, many drill bit sets come with a convenient size index or chart for quick reference. When selecting a drill bit, consult the set's markings or refer to the accompanying index to ensure you choose the correct size for your metal drilling needs, guaranteeing precise and effective results in your projects.