Power Tools & Accessories

Make construction more efficient with Beesley & Fildes’ power tools and accessories. Here, you can find premium tools from industry-leading brands, perfect for builders of all skill levels. 

Drills and construction go hand-in-hand, so we’ve created an extensive selection of cord and cordless power tools. Offering consistent power, our corded drills are ideal for prolonged usage, ensuring you never run out of power during critical work.

Or, if you’re working in conditions where power isn’t freely available, our cordless tools offer excellent flexibility. If you’re stocking up on tools and working with a tight budget, our twin kits and twin packs may be exactly what you need. 

These economical units come with accessories and a large carrying case for portability. For versatility, our multi-tools come out on top. With sanding attachments, multi-tools can smooth surfaces, remove paint, or prepare materials for finishing.

Or, they can be used to make precise cuts in wood, plastic, and metal, ideal for tasks like trimming door frames or cutting openings in panelling. You can achieve the same results with an angle grinder.

Use them to prepare materials by cutting them to size and smoothing edges. If you conduct detailed work, an angle grinder can shape and carve materials for a precise finish. Customise your new purchase even further with additional cutting discs. 

Whether working with metal, stone or tiling, cutting discs can be useful for renovations, construction and even detail work. We also offer various power tool accessories, giving you everything you need, all in one place.