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Crusher Run 40mm Bulk Bag

Product Code: 3202CRU02

Bulk Bag of 40mm Crusher Run

(Our Bulk bags will have no less than 850kg and no more than 950kg)

Crusher Run 40mm Bulk Bag

Coverage Area3cm Depth4cm Depth5cm Depth
1m2 4 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg)
5m2 1 Bulk Bag / 12 Poly Bags (850kg / 0.3t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 20Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 25Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t)
10m2 1 Bulk Bag (850kg / 0.85t) 1 Bulk Bags (850kg / 0.85t) 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t)
25m2 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg 2.55ton) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg)


In the local area its sometimes known as (MOT) Crusher Run or Hardcore, this aggregate is supplied in crane-offloaded bulk bags.

40mm down to dust crusher run, MOT type 1

  • Lintel Length (mm):
  • Category: Building Materials
  • Category: Gardens & Landscaping
  • Type: Sub Base
  • Package Type: Bulk Bag

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Cement mix
(1 answers)
Asked byNew DIYer23/05/2022

is this product suitable to mix with sand/cement to make a strong concrete mix?

A Answers

You would nee limestone rather then this

Answered by Web Admin 24/05/2022
(1 answers)
Asked byColin08/09/2021

how much is it to deliver 2 bulk bags of crusher run to Waverton

A Answers

You are in are catchment area from our Chester branch so delivery would be £12.50 + VAT

Answered by Web Admin 10/09/2021
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