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Crusher Run 40mm Bulk Bag

Product Code: 3202CRU02

Bulk Bag of 40mm Crusher Run

(Our Bulk bags will have no less than 850kg and no more than 950kg)

£41.00 per bagex. VAT£49.20 per baginc. VAT
Coverage Area3cm Depth4cm Depth5cm Depth
1m2 4 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg)
5m2 1 Bulk Bag / 12 Poly Bags (850kg / 0.3t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 20Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 25Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t)
10m2 1 Bulk Bag (850kg / 0.85t) 1 Bulk Bags (850kg / 0.85t) 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t)
25m2 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg 2.55ton) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg)


In the local area its sometimes known as (MOT) Crusher Run or Hardcore, this aggregate is supplied in crane-offloaded bulk bags.

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Asked byColin08/09/2021

how much is it to deliver 2 bulk bags of crusher run to Waverton

A Answers

You are in are catchment area from our Chester branch so delivery would be £12.50 + VAT

Answered by Web SEO/Admin 10/09/2021
£41.00ex. VAT
Crusher Run 40mm Bulk Bag