• Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

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Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

Natural product,the appearance / colours can vary,if unsure please obtain a sample before ordering.

Our Bulk bags will have no less than 850kg and no more than 950kg

Coverage Area3cm Depth4cm Depth5cm Depth
1m2 4 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg) 5 Poly Bags (100kg)
5m2 1 Bulk Bag / 12 Poly Bags (850kg / 0.3t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 20Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t) 1 Bulk Bag/ 25Poly Bags (850kg / 0.5t)
10m2 1 Bulk Bag (850kg / 0.85t) 1 Bulk Bags (850kg / 0.85t) 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t)
25m2 2 Bulk Bags (1700kg / 1.7t) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg 2.55ton) 3 Bulk Bags (2550kg)

Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

Gravel is a versatile aggregate that consists of small pebbles of varying sizes, with an average measurement of 20mm. A mix of brown, beige and blue/grey hues, decorative river gravel is ideal as a neutral background for your garden planting and can be used as mulch or to dress around trees and water features. pH neutral, river gravel is fish safe once thoroughly washed to remove any contaminants. It can even be used to dress the top of large containers or pots, to aid with moisture retention and prevent weeds from proliferating.

A medium-sized gravel that appears much softer when used on paths and driveways than aggregate with larger stone chippings, decorative river gravel also provides a flat and stable surface for walking and driving. Used in conjunction with weed control membrane, river gravel will also prevent the growth of weeds by preventing UV light from reaching the growing medium below.

20mm Lancashire gravel bulk bags consist of small pebbles 10mm - 20mm in size due to the mechanical screening process letting through some smaller pebbles.

  • Pack Weight (Kg): 850 - 900
  • Material: Gravel
  • • Colour: Mixed
  • Lintel Length (mm):
  • Category: Building Materials
  • Category: Gardens & Landscaping
  • Type: Chipping
  • Type: Sub Base
  • Package Type: Bulk Bag
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