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Our new pages will enable you to enquire not only by Manufactuer but also by Colour, Texture and Brick Height. New and improved images and Product Data sheets will also be included.

Working alongside world-leading manufacturers Beesley & Fildes Ltd are able to offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality bricks for a wide variety of building projects.

Please Note: The Brick Library is an ever-expanding list of products that are not always held at our branches and are only available as a special order (Subject to min load sizes).

We offer a brick matching service in-house and will be able to guide you through the selection process to offer you inspiring ideas for the use of brick. We are also able to offer you special shaped bricks for your latest project. With a wide range of colours and textures available be sure to ask in store for some specialist advice and some free samples. If you have a detailed enquiry please contact one of our experienced sales representatives.

All pictures, illustrations and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only and show or represent the product described as accurately as possible. However, where product illustrations are unavailable or unsuitable, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative product of similar or better quality. The information is provided only as a guide. Full technical information is available for all products purchased upon request. All goods conform to manufacturers' quality standards.