LVT & Laminate Flooring

Revamp Your Floors in a Flash!

Transform Your Home Instantly with Quick Step Laminate Flooring from Beesley & Fildes.
• No Mess, No Stress - Quick Step laminate flooring is designed with an easy-to-install, low-mess installation method so you can have great flooring in no time at all.
• Made to Last - Durable materials combined with advanced technology that guarantees quality and long-lasting beauty even when subject to heavy use.
• Easy Maintenance - Our laminates are highly resistant to scratches, spills and scuffs so they are very easy to keep clean and looking new for longer.

Revamp Your Floors in a Flash!

• Quality You Can Trust - All Quick-Step products have undergone extensive testing to ensure long-lasting durability and beauty.
• DIY Installation - Quick Step’s patented locking systems make installation quick and easy, so you can have your beautiful new floor in no time.
• Durability and Style - Combining resilience and sophisticated style, Quick Step Laminate Flooring is made to last with Scratch Guard technology. Plus, choose from a wide variety of textures and colours to match any home’s style.
• Easy Installation - With their patented click-fit system, it only takes a few steps to get your Quick-Step flooring installed quickly and easily. Plus, you don’t need any adhesive for this click-fit installation.
• Natural Feel - Quick Step Laminate Flooring comes with an advanced Underlay pad for extra insulation and soundproofing, as well as a HydroSeal finish to prevent water damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laying Laminate Flooring

Where should I start when laying laminate flooring?

For the best results, start in the left corner of the longest wall in the room. Install the planks in the same direction as the main light source, typically the main window. Remember to always install planks from left to right.

Does the direction of laying laminate flooring matter?

Yes, it is recommended to lay laminate flooring in the same direction as the primary light source or parallel to the window. This helps create an illusion of a larger and longer room, while also bringing out the natural grain of the laminate flooring.

Is gluing laminate flooring down necessary?

No, laminate flooring does not need to be glued down. It can be easily laid as a DIY project in almost any room of your home, including kitchens. There's no need for grout or mortar, and planks can be easily cut with a hand saw, circular saw, or flooring cutter.

How can I ensure that my first row of laminate flooring is straight?

To ensure your floor remains straight and square, it is recommended that you lay the laminate flooring away from the wall since the wall may not be straight. Measure the width of one piece of flooring, add 1/4 inch, and snap a chalk line across the room to maintain accuracy.

Do I need to put anything under laminate flooring?

Underlay is not optional. If your laminate planks do not have it already attached, it is suggested that you buy rolls of underlay to install under your laminate floor.

What happens if you do not put foam under laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring manufacturers recommend using underlay for your flooring. If you skip using foam under laminate flooring, the subfloor is at risk of warping and developing mildew, and the footsteps on the floor will be noisier than it should be. Save yourself the trouble and make sure you have foam padding for your laminate flooring.