Plastic Waste & Overflow Systems

Find great quality waste pipes & fittings here at Beesley & Fildes. Stocking a wide range of easy to install waste pipes & fittings, many of which will accept both copper and plastic pipes. Select from Waste systems in solvent weld MuPVC and ABS plus push fit and compression systems in polypropylene complete from the Soil and Waste product range options for easy installation. Most waste pipes & fittings are lightweight, strong, cost-effective options. We stock and can order an extensive range of plumbing tools and equipment necessary for all your plumbing needs, from pipe repair to major sewage plumbing projects. We supply only top quality tools and equipment from well known reputable manufacturers:  

For all Central Heating Systems, Boilers, Radiator's, Copper Tube & Fittings, Under floor heating, Waste & Overflow fittings. 

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Waste and soil systems are suitable for short intermittent discharges of hot and cold water in normal domestic installations in the UK. They are not suitable for continuous discharge at elevated temperatures. The integrity of the joints and the materials of the systems are confirmed by carrying out the thermal cycling tests which are included in the relevant British and European standards.

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