Lost Head Nails

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Lost head nails, also called ‘cut head nails’, are vital to many woodworking projects. The fixture’s name comes from its main purpose in joinery: when hammered into wood, the head sits below the surface for a clean, flush finish. 

Manufactured from high-quality steel, Beesley & Fildes’ lost head nails are available in various sizes and gauges to accommodate our customer’s wide range of carpentry projects.  

Their inconspicuous appearance makes them ideal for tasks where aesthetics matter, such as moulding installation and trim work. They can be secured into substrates using a hammer for easy installation and will cause minimal surface damage. 

Whether you’re crafting ornate wooden furniture or securing heavier structural elements, lost head nails balance functionality and aesthetics perfectly. Their recessed head not only offers a professional finish but extra security. 

Give your next woodworking venture a flush finish with Beesley & Fildes’ lost head nails.

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