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Lecico was founded in 1959; originally producing hand decorated ceramics. Today they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ceramic bathroom suites. Lecico prides itself on the highest standards and quality controls, conforming to standards set throughout Europe and the world. Every Lecico product includes the following design criteria:

Style/Design / Quality / Space and Versatility / Water Saving / Ease of Installation

Sakkara 2 WC pack REF SKK2PANSET £57.85 ex. VAT each
Atlas Full Pedestal REF ASWHPE £10.99 ex. VAT each
Atlas BTW Pan REF ASWHBWPA £48.95 ex. VAT each
Geo 350mm Basin 1TH £65.45 ex. VAT each
Geo Full Pedestal £41.65 ex. VAT each
Low level P trap Pan £29.55 ex. VAT each
Low level S trap Pan £29.55 ex. VAT each
500mm Urinal bowl £38.65 ex. VAT each
500mm Urinal pack (1 man) £142.00 ex. VAT each
500mm Urinal pack (2 man) £225.55 ex. VAT each
500mm Urinal pack (3 man) £302.40 ex. VAT each
Top inlet spreader £13.60 ex. VAT each
Urinal Separator £34.85 ex. VAT each
Plastic waste domed white £1.20 ex. VAT each

They ensure that every single item that leaves their factory has been carefully crafted to the highest manufacturing criteria.

Their quest for superior quality doesn’t start when the product leaves the kiln; it begins with UK sourced raw materials and follows the product through every stage of production. In fact, we place quality at the heart of everything we do, with our products subject to a wide range of checks and controls at every stage of the process. We’re so confident of our products that all of our ceramic pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

The following products have been designed as a comprehensive offering to cover a variety of bathroom styles and sizes.

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