Gloss Kitchens

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Always on-trend is the classic High gloss white kitchen at Beesley and Fildes you have a choice of kitchen doors from slab fronted doors for a contemporary kitchen to a truly modern handleless kitchen


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For a thoroughly modern kitchen, there is surely no better choice than a gloss finish kitchen design. Whatever your kitchen size, a high gloss kitchen can transform a dark, dull room into a vibrant, light space you'll love to spend time in. Add a touch of traditionalism by pairing gloss units with wooden worktops. We offer handleless gloss kitchen designs, which is ideal for those who like to add a modern twist to a truly classic design. Lovers of bright colour schemes will adore the range of shades available, from white gloss to cream gloss kitchens to choose from.

Our grey gloss kitchens are great for something on the darker side. A statement gloss kitchen island, such as those found in the Milano range, is perfect for those seeking a head-turning design.

If you like the traditional kitchen feeling but want a modern look try a drawline kitchen whuch is a door and drawer unit

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