Galvanised Felt Nails

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Fix roof felts and external fencing with Beesley & Fildes’ galvanised clout nails. 

Our clout nails are characterised by their broad, flat head, and short shank, which provides a larger surface area for holding materials like roofing felts or thin metal sheets.

They are dipped in molten zinc to form a protective layer around the fastener; this galvanised coating offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion. With our products, you can extend the life of your screws and the project it holds together. 

Plus, galvanised clout nails are ideal for outdoor applications where they’ll face exposure to harsh environmental conditions, like rain and snow. 

Their design allows for easy penetration into substrates. Say goodbye to splits, cracks and decreased structural integrity: the broad ‘clout’ head ensures the material stays in place. For a secure and long-lasting fastening solution, choose Beesley & Fildes’ galvanised clout nails. 

We offer fasteners in various sizes and lengths so you can finish your project the right way.

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