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With Bowland Stone, enjoy your garden for generations to come

If you are a prospective landscape gardener or just looking to generate a few ideas for your own garden we hope to offer all the inspiration you need and all the tools that you require.

As one of the market leaders in innovative landscaping products, their commitment to continually develop exciting new products at exceptional quality puts Bowland Stone at the forefront of the landscaping industry. Check out their website were you will find easy access to the wide variety of products in their Product Range.

Chalice Paving Kit 5.76m2 Honey Brown £97.99 ex. VAT per pallet
Chalice Paving Kit 5.76m2 Mellow Gold £97.99 ex. VAT per pallet
Rectory 5.76m2 Paving Kit Welsh Slate £97.99 ex. VAT per pallet
Rectory 3.24m2 Circle Kit Welsh Slate £99.99 ex. VAT per pallet
Chalice 600x300 Honey Brown £3.29 ex. VAT each
Chalice 300x300 Honey Brown £1.65 ex. VAT each
Chalice 600x600 Honey Brown £6.49 ex. VAT each
Chalice 600x300 Mellow Gold £3.29 ex. VAT each
Chalice 300x300 Mellow Gold £1.65 ex. VAT each
Chalice 600x600 Mellow Gold £6.49 ex. VAT each
Rectory 600x300 Welsh Slate £3.29 ex. VAT each
Rectory 300x300 Welsh Slate £1.65 ex. VAT each
Rectory 600x600 Welsh Slate £6.49 ex. VAT each

Contact us now to create a stunning looking garden no matter how large or small your landscaping area.

We are constantly updating our product lists, so if you cant see what you are looking for then contact us to enquire further. Or if you find any problem with content about these products just let us know at in so that we can correct it. Your Help would be very much appreciated.

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