470 Borough Road, Birkenhead, CH42 9NA

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Branch Manager - Chris Latham
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Timber Merchants in Birkenhead

As timber merchants in Birkenhead, Beesley & Fildes are proud to offer our unbeatable prices to customers in the North West. For over 200 years, we have provided building supplies to trades ranging from landscaping to joinery, plumbing to civil engineering.

At Beesley & Fildes, we want to light the torch of environmental consciousness and pass it on to others. That’s why we employ low-carbon processes: to increase sustainability in the industry.

Plus, our timber yards produce a range of PEFC and FSC-certified materials for the ecologically-conscious consumer. We care deeply about the environment and want to treat it with respect. By shopping for building supplies with Beesley & Fildes, you choose to support sustainable building merchants in Birkenhead.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for commercial or domestic products: we have it all! Our construction materials range from the highest-quality wood and timber to insulation, breeze blocks, mortar, plasterboard and more.

We consider ourselves the best Birkenhead timber merchants because of our 200-year commitment to quality and variety. Beesley & Fildes can cater to traders working on extensions or new builds. Or, we can help D.I.Y enthusiasts find the right products for their projects.

Our customer-driven approach to business means that, as a builders merchant in Birkenhead, we have found widespread success serving customers throughout the UK.

By continuously striving for better, we now have eleven branches in the North West where you can access our services, including our Birkenhead branch. Our dedicated building specialists are always on call to provide consistently reliable service.

We can answer any of your most pressing questions. Do you want to know what kinds of building work hardwood timber is best suited for? We’ll tell you about its diversity in construction, flooring and furniture projects.

Do you need to know how the price of our timber is calculated? Our Beesley & Fildes representatives will show you that it's priced per metre for maximum affordability. You only pay for the materials you need, with no extra-added costs.

Adhering to a budget can be difficult, and we want to make things easier for you. That’s why Beesley & Fildes is committed to offering premium products at low-cost prices. We want to offer you the most affordable solution to meet your project needs.

Shop with the finest timber merchants in Birkenhead and receive products that will blow your expectations out of the water. Choose Beesley & Fildes for your building supplies.