Dimensional stability

A low proportion of homogeneous wood and glued components makes I-beams very dimensionally stable. The products are distinguished by minimal warpage and low shrinkage, and are very straight.

The benefits of using I-beams instead of a traditional wooden joist construction are numerous:

Level floors and walls - minimised risk of complaints
No visible crevices or cracks in the floor - satisfied customers
no abnormally large movements varying over the course of the year - more secure sealed layer
Very little risk of a creaky floor

Simple installation with 38% higher efficiency
I-beams for floor construction simplify installation work with simple drilling in the thin OSB material. Drilling holes in our beams is quick and easy. If desired, the beams can also be supplied with pre-drilled holes from the factory.

Time and money are saved, because fitters work more efficiently with shorter wiring routes and fewer pipe bends. At the same time, beams which are adapted for specific functions and proven designs result in overall construction efficiency with minimal material waste. The result is a 38% reduction of work time for the construction of a joist structure with I-beams in comparison with traditional solid joists.

Floors with high acoustic requirements
Multi-family buildings and buildings with separating floor between flats have high acoustic requirements for good sound comfort between dwellings, e.g. with regard to footsteps and airborne noise.

We offer I-beam solutions for separating floor which tests have shown to achieve excellent acoustic properties despite a relatively simple design. Our acoustic horizontal partitions can be combined with patented MFB joist hangers and Sylomer pads which dampen vibrations and allow easy mounting.