Annular Ring Nails

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Fasten strong joints with Beesley & Fildes’ annular ring nails. 

These specialised fasteners are primarily used in decking and drywall applications. But, due to their highly resistant annular rings, they can also be used for stud walls. Unlike smooth shank nails, our nails have sharp ridges around the shank. 

Once hammered, these ridges become embedded in the substrate, and this friction prevents the nail from backing out over time. Their holding power makes them a durable option for wooden projects, particularly those made from softer woods where splitting isn’t an issue. 

At Beesley & Fildes, we offer annular ring nails in various sizes, ranging from 20mm x 2.00mm to 75mm x 3.75mm. We also offer 500g and 2.5kg packs, so you’ll always have enough fasteners to finish the job. 

Construct your woodworking projects with high-quality, affordable annular ring nails from Beesley & Fildes.

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