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Find the right product for your project at Beesley & Fildes, where we house angle grinders from top-trade brands. 

Also known as hand or disc grinders, angle grinders are designed to make cutting through masonry, tile and metal more efficient. These powerful devices can also be used for finishing, deburring, and removing excess materials. 

If you’re new to DIY and need a compact product, our small grinders are lightweight, adaptable, and their higher RPM rates allow them to cut through materials precisely. They're great for detailed work and don’t compromise quality for affordability. 

When you need to be flexible, opt for our cordless grinders. These battery-operated devices are ideal for quick tasks in areas where access to mains power is restricted or unavailable. 

However, if you need deeper cutting, our large, high-powered angle grinders are excellent for heavy-duty material removal. They’re known for their consistent output and can help you complete prolonged and heavy-duty tasks.

Larger angle grinders are often corded and directly connected to the mains power supply. With these grinders, concerns about battery drainage won’t be a problem! You can work continuously in one area, whether on-site or in a stationary workshop. 

Make quick work of tough materials with Beesley & Fildes’ angle grinders. Our top-of-the-line models, supplied by leading brands, will make a cost-effective addition to anyone’s toolkit. 

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