External Wall Insulation

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Are you concerned about your home's energy consumption and its impact on the environment? If so, our premium insulation products are designed to offer outstanding thermal performance, drastically lower heat loss, and improve the overall energy efficiency of your building. 

External wall insulation is designed to act as a barrier for the outside of your home, keeping heat trapped for a productive and cosy living space. This allows your home's temperature to naturally fluctuate with the seasons, reflecting heat in the summer and retaining it in the winter. 

This is a great eco-friendly approach to home heating and cooling; you no longer need to rely on fossil fuels to remain cosy indoors, reducing your carbon footprint. Our insulation systems come in a variety of finishes for a visually appealing and secure exterior wall.

At Beesley & Fildes, we offer the best external wall insulation solutions to suit different building requirements and personal preferences. Our external wall insulation boards provide long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing render systems that safeguard and improve your home's exterior.

Upgrade to reliable external wall insulation for your house or construction project with us today.

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External Wall Insulation FAQs

What is external wall insulation?

The process of installing external wall insulation (EWI) involves attaching an insulating layer to a building's outer wall. This is coated in cladding or render for protection.

By lowering heat loss, this system enhances thermal performance and improves comfort and energy efficiency in the home. EWI can also raise a building's value and enhance its visual appeal.

How does external wall insulation work?

EWI creates a barrier around your home, preventing heat from escaping the structure. 

Insulation boards composed of mineral wool, phenolic foam, or expanded polystyrene (EPS) are attached to the exterior walls during the procedure. After that, a weather-resistant coating is applied to these boards to prevent moisture damage.

This improves soundproofing, reduces drafts, and shields the building from harsh weather conditions.

What are external wall insulation grants?

External wall insulation grants are financial incentives that can help with the high cost of this insulation. 

In the UK, qualified households may be able to get financial support through programmes like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and local council subsidies.

These incentives are intended to lower the cost of installing insulating measures in order to enhance energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. 

What is the average cost of external wall insulation?

The cost of external wall insulation can vary depending on the size, shape, and type of property you’re improving. 

For a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house, expect to pay between £10,000 and £12,000.

Despite the expensive upfront cost, there are long-term advantages that prove it to be beneficial in the long run. This includes huge energy bill savings, which can vary from £180 to £660 per year.