ZEEZOO rigid core flooring

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Why Choose ZEEZOO® Flooring?
In a world full of different flooring choices, opinions and specifications, take a look below at why ZEEZOO® rigid core flooring is one of the most stunning and practical floors available. Also why it is undoubtedly one, if not the best floor around and how it is perfect choice for your next project.
What is SPC Flooring?
We are asked a lot what SPC means and its simple, it stands for Stone, Polymer Composite. ZEEZOO® Flooring is made of a high quality SPC core. The blended PVC and Stone Powder is formulated and constructed into a rigid core, which gives it ultra strength and stability, better than any other click vinyl flooring available. The advanced technology, ensures ZEEZOO® floors are suitable in more environments and spaces compared to other vinyl, laminate or wood floors, which fall short in performance. Below we highlight a few of the many benefits ZEEZOO® flooring provides, to ensure it works perfect for your next project.

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